Our Mission: – Recovery. Development Sustainability Our Mission is to incubate transformative and inclusive solutions to help people, families, and communities in areas hit hardest by crises across Iraq. We strive to provide solidarity for populations in life-threatening situations, famine and those suffering from extreme poverty, natural disasters and/or the destructive effects of human actions. Through our work, AGO intends to lay the groundwork for steps towards sustainable recovery and development. We also promote the concept of global responsibility by mobilizing the society towards cohesion, harmony and impartiality, construing our commitment to fundamental rights for every human being.We do this by trying to alleviate and prevent the disastrous effects of the crisis; by  assisting people forced to flee their own homes; supporting them through their return and reintegration; rehabilitating social structures and facilities; fighting discrimination, and by helping to facilitate social cohesion. AGO intends to help the most vulnerable populations across Iraq with a focus on IDPs and returnees due to conflicts, extreme poverty, exclusion, natural and man-made disasters.

We are guided by the following:
  • Universal declaration of human Rights (UDHR)1948
  • Convention on elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW)
  • The humanitarian principles of neutrality, independence, impartiality, and humanity
  • The Protection Principles: Prevent, Respond, Remedy
  • The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)-2030 Agenda