AGO is committed to rigorously ensuring the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) throughout its programming. All staff is trained in PSEA guidelines in line with global standards.

Child Protection Policy:

Aid Gate Organization (AGO) has zero tolerance of incidents of violence or abuse against children and other people in the communities we serve, either committed by our staff or others connected to our work. We abhor any misuse of power, status, or trusted position for any sexual or other exploitative purposes
‘In the course of implementation of our programs, AGO ensures that:
• Any of our interactions with children or with adult beneficiaries, or with personal data about such persons, will comply with international Protocols and conventions on child right.
• Any incidents of harm or risk of harm to children or to adult beneficiaries will be reported immediately to AGO
• Any individuals with access to children or adult beneficiaries, or to personal data about such persons, will have a current clean criminal background check for offenses against children or abuse of adults, to the extent permitted by law
• These safeguarding obligations will be clearly communicated to, and acknowledged by, all employees who may have access to children or to adult beneficiaries, or to personal data about such persons, and will be extended in identical form to any subcontractors engaged to perform implementation of programs with AGO