Senior Staff:
AGO has strong senior staff capacity, (Head of Department, Coordinators, Managers), with our members having   multiple years of experience
working for international NGOs in senior management positions.
International Board of Trustees:
AGO has an International Advisory Panel consisting of various national and international experts in WASH, Shelter, Child Protection, Livelihood, Climate Action, Social Cohesion, and other Humanitarian Support Systems. These members provide guidance and support in developing programs and tools in line with
international and UN standards, ensure quality project implementation, and smooth running of field operations.
Program and Support Staff:
AGO has an active team of non-senior staff across the country, including project managers and officers, monitors, enumerators, and other assistants. Each one of our staff members has previous program and support experience with national and international NGOs as well as UN Agencies across a variety of thematic areas.

AGO started as volunteer team and as such, the organization supports and has a large number of multicultural volunteers with gender balance who has extensive regional experience. This includes volunteers in all districts of Salah al-Din, with strong capacity in the Hawija and Tooz areas of Kirkuk, and in the Tel Afar, Sinjar, and Baaj areas of the Nineveh governorate. These experienced volunteers are prepared and ready to assist and facilitate any work conducted by our organization. AGO Interns: AGO Internship Program” (AIP) The “AGO Internship Program” (AIP) offers a small group of outstanding graduate-level students the opportunity to acquire direct exposure to AGO’s work to acquire direct exposure in areas such as strategic partnerships, communications, advocacy, policy, evaluation, human resources, program planning, research and data, finance, and ICT .