AGO has worked to institute strong systematic procedures under international guidelines for program and support departments. These SOP guidelines and support tools have been crafted by our organizational senior staff with input and review by the International Advisory Panel of sector-specific experts. These procedures include:
Finance and Administration: A Finance handbook following international guidelines, with a full account of financial tools and procedures to ensure transparent and accountable program implementation.
Human Resources: A Human Resources handbook following international guidelines, with a full-account-of-staff management-tools, contractual-processes,-and staff well-being tools to ensure quality-personnel management.
Supply Chain and Logistics Procedures:
A Logistics handbook following international guidelines, with a full account of procurement tools, safety and security guidelines, fleet management, and office management to ensure the delivery of quality items as needed for program implementation.
Project Implementation Tools: AGO has designed Project Management Tools to provide Project Managers with a monitoring tool to ensure regular supervision of activities by monitoring progress, costs, and timing in addition to evaluating project risks in advance. The Project Monitoring Tools are made up of 7 components:

  • Project Information Tools
  • Project Monitoring Plan
  • Project Work Plan
  • Performance-Achievement Level
  • Risks-Assessment Framework
  • Financial Plan
  • Procurement Plan
  • MEAL Tools: AGO established strong monitoring and evaluation processes tailored for various projects, using both quantitative and qualitative data-collection to comprehensively assess programmatic impact. Project staff will assess progress and shortcomings by conducting focus group discussions with participants, interviewing program participants, and trainers.
    The Monitoring and Evaluation plan ensures project activities are completed in a timely manner to maintain accountability to the beneficiaries, generate feedback and monitor changes that influence programmatic decision-making, and to respond quickly to emerging needs or problems arising in the programs.
    AGO has also introduced a Project Monitoring Tool which supports the Project Coordinator and Project Manager in measuring the impact of projects against the given performance indicators. The Project Appraisal Tool, which is composed of a Monitoring Plan (MP) and a Quarterly Monitoring Plan Review (MPR) is compiled based on the project proposal and project financial planning (for general objectives only), a detailed activity work plan (WP), and Monthly Project and Achievement (MPA) reporting, which constitutes an integral part of the internal monthly report submitted by PMs to the Head of Programs.