Dr. Ahmed I.Mohamed

Ahmed holds a Ph.D degree in Geological and Geotechnical Engineering from Konya Technical University
(KTU). Ahmed has over five years
of experience as a project Geologist with “Al-Bilad Ltd.” on desktop mapping
software for various spatial data analyses
and data acquisition using GPS. This extensive experience includes GPS
collection, map design ; map projections; ArcGIS basics; image processing and feature extraction methods as
used for GIS; data pre-processing techniques and the mapping process
. He supervised more than 10 MA
graduation projects for undergraduate studies. Edited and co-authored 2 monographs on contemporary trends in
Geology and Geological engineering project (tunnels, Roads. etc.). He also published more than 5 articles in
refereed scientific Journals. As a certified Engineering Geologist, Ahmed is a member of the “Iraqi Geological
Union” Baghdad, Iraq (Sep. 2010) and professional Geologist in the Engineering Consultative Office- Tikrit
University, Tikrit, Iraq (Feb. 2012). He speaks Turkish and English languages. He also has many certificates such as
KINGRY English Language Proficiency Certification – Kurdistan Region-Iraq (Certified from USA); MTC
(Training and Development) Certification, Turkey and he was awarded a certificate in recognition of the Editorial
Board Member in Earth Science Journal, USA (
ISSN Online: 2328-5982)