Aid Gate Organization (AGO) is an Iraqi Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that was established in 2014. Its primary objective is to provide assistance and support to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), returnees, and vulnerable host communities who have been affected by the conflict with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Since its inception, AGO has expanded its operations across multiple governorates in Iraq. It collaborates with various national and international donors and organizations to deliver humanitarian services to those in need. AGO’s work is centered around several key areas, including durable solutions, livelihood sustainability, social cohesion, protection, good governance, agriculture, and climate action. In pursuing durable solutions, AGO aims to support long-term stability and resilience within communities by addressing the root causes of displacement and providing assistance for sustainable recovery. This involves implementing livelihood projects, vocational training, and income generation initiatives to help vulnerable families earn a living and improve their economic situation. AGO also strongly emphasizes social cohesion, working towards preventing conflict and promoting peace through integrated, conflict-sensitive development programs. AGO focus on community resilience, peacebuilding activities, conflict prevention, and preventing violent extremism. AGO believes fostering social cohesion is essential for sustainable development and peaceful societies. Protection is another crucial aspect of AGO’s work, with a focus on providing support and services to vulnerable groups such as children, women, the elderly, people with disabilities, and displaced persons. AGO prioritize the protection of survivors of gender-based violence, vulnerable children, and access to food assistance and livelihood opportunities. AGO also works towards re-establishing community mechanisms for preventing and addressing wrongdoings, promoting the empowerment of marginalized groups, and advocating for their rights. Additionally, AGO is engaged in promoting good governance by minimizing corruption and mismanagement, ensuring the participation of communities, especially youth, and advocating for women’s rights. AGO aim to enhance the capacities of local authorities, civil society organizations, and communities in formulating and implementing local development plans, increasing transparency in decision-making processes, and strengthening the role of CSOs as independent actors and advocates for their communities. AGO recognizes the importance of addressing climate change and its impact on agriculture and natural resources. AGO work towards sustainable agriculture and food security by empowering rural families through agriculture, resource management, water, and alternative income generation training. AGO also focuses on climate adaptation and resilience-building, sharing knowledge on climate-adapted cultivation methods and introducing sustainable practices to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Our Vision:

AGO’s vision is to create a future where all communities are resilient, empowered, green, equal, and peaceful. AGO envisions a society where individuals and groups have the capacity and opportunities to bounce back from challenges, power and decision-making are decentralized and inclusive, environmental sustainability is prioritized, equality is upheld, and conflicts are resolved through peaceful means. AGO aims to contribute to the realization of this vision through its various programs and initiatives.


Our Mission:

AGO’s mission is to create resilient, empowered, green, equal, and peaceful communities. AGO strive to achieve this mission by pursuing several key objectives:
Empowering individuals and communities: AGO aim to empower individuals and communities by ensuring their meaningful participation in decision-making processes. AGO believe that empowering people to have a voice in shaping their own futures leads to stronger and more resilient communities.
Advocating for sustainable resource use: AGO advocates for policies and practices that promote sustainable and responsible use of natural resources. AGO recognizes the importance of protecting the environment for present and future generations and works towards creating a greener, more sustainable society.
Promoting equality: AGO is committed to promoting equal access to basic needs and services for all individuals and communities. AGO strive to address the disparities and discrimination that marginalized and vulnerable groups face, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.
Promoting peaceful conflict resolution: AGO believes in the power of peaceful conflict resolution and works towards promoting dialogue, understanding, and reconciliation. AGO actively seeks to prevent and address conflicts peacefully and inclusively.
To achieve its mission, AGO collaborates with local and national organizations and global partners to build networks of support and action. AGO engages in collective efforts, advocacy, and partnerships to create positive and sustainable change in the communities they serve.


Our Values:

AGO is guided by a set of values that underpin its way of working and its mission. These values reflect its commitment to collaboration, sustainability, peace, humanity beyond identity, inclusiveness, agency and dignity, credibility and mutual accountability, and independence.
Collaboration: AGO believes in the power of collaboration and values partnerships with diverse organizations and communities. AGO recognize that working together is essential to achieving its shared goals and creating a better future for all.
Sustainability: AGO is committed to sustainable and responsible use of resources. AGO prioritize the long-term health of the environment and seeks to promote practices that protect and preserve it for future generations.
Peace: AGO promotes peaceful conflict resolution and fosters a culture of peace. AGO value open and respectful communication, seeking to resolve conflicts through dialogue and collaboration rather than violence or aggression.
Humanity beyond identity: AGO focuses solely on people and aims to bring humanity back to humanitarianism. AGO prioritize delivering humanitarian and development responses directly to the people in need, ensuring their well-being and dignity are at the forefront of its work.
Inclusiveness: AGO recognizes the importance of inclusivity and diversity in creating resilient, empowered, green, equal, and peaceful communities. AGO strive to ensure that silenced voices are heard, resources are distributed equitably, and partnerships are based on dignity and respect.
Agency and Dignity: AGO believes in the agency and dignity of local communities. AGO empowers local people to shape humanitarian and development responses based on their ideas, values, needs, and desires. AGO recognize the importance of respecting and valuing the perspectives and abilities of local communities.
Credibility and Mutual Accountability: : AGO is committed to increasing accountability to affected communities, donors, and the public. AGO prioritize transparency in its work, making the delivery of humanitarian and development responses more transparent. AGO holds itself accountable to its communities and takes responsibility for its actions and decisions.
Independence: While AGO depends on the support of partners and donors, AGO maintains independence from outside influences. AGO is guided by its vision and mission, prioritizing the interests and well-being of the communities they serve.

These values serve as a guiding compass for AGO, shaping its approach to humanitarian and development work and ensuring they uphold its principles in all aspects of its operations.

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