A Path to Peace
Yet amidst the devastation, there are glimpses of hope. Initiatives such as the Yazidi Survivors Law and the Sinjar Agreement aim to address the grievances of the affected communities and pave the way for healing and reconciliation. The resilience of the Yezidi people, coupled with international support and solidarity, offers a hope for a brighter future in Sinjar.

Youth in Sinjar express a demand for vocational courses, job opportunities, and recreational activities, highlighting the importance of expanding the center’s programs.

On 25th May, we were honoured to be visited by Akre�s mayor at the Akre Youth Centre. He came to see the new cohort of beneficiaries taking part in the 12-day life skills training being conducted by AGO and COOPI, in partnership with UNICEF He expressed how pleased he was to see projects like this happening in Akre, which are so vital to improving employment opportunities and empowering the the youth here. We feel incredibly lucky to have such support and to be able to continue working #foreverychild in Akre to unlock their full potential


We will be be presenting on climate change issues in Iraq, how youth are working to combat them and the need to better measure the link between climate and peace.


Aid Gate Organization(AGO), in the holy month of Ramadan and in cooperation with the Department of Non-Governmental Organizations(DNGO) in Erbil Governorate, distributed food baskets to 100 needy families in the city center of Erbil.


Aid Gate Organization, in cooperation with USAID Iraq celebrated World Water Day on March 22 at Saba Primary School in Baiji. The celebrations were part of the and the project �Green Schools for Green Ecology�. Various events and activities were organised which highlighted the importance of water and how to protect it through good practices. The event encouraged everyone to work together to protect and preserve our water resources, not only today, but every day.

AGO has conducted a case study in Salah Al-Din Governorate to examine the impacts of climate change on livelihoods, food security, and internal mobility. The study revealed that changing climatic patterns have severely affected traditional livelihood activities, leading to increased vulnerability. It also highlighted the disruption of food production systems and decreased agricultural yields, contributing to heightened food insecurity. Additionally, changing climate conditions have resulted in increased displacement and migration within the governorate. AGO emphasizes the urgent need for action and proposes climate-resilient livelihood programs, initiatives to enhance food security, and support for internally displaced populations. The organization encourages collaboration among stakeholders to address these challenges and build resilient communities in Salah Al-Din Governorate.

AGO-NES Assessment (105)

Aid Gate Organization (AGO) conducted a multisectoral Needs assessment in North East Syria. The assessment focused on critical areas, including access to services, safety and security, freedom of movement, shelter, legal documentation, conflict sensitivity, climate changes, and livelihood and food security, the assessment aimed to understand the affected population needs and challenges, AGO is committed to improving the lives of those in North East Syria and will work closely with communities, stakeholders, and partners to address the identified needs and challenges. For more information, please read the report.

AGO conducted a comprehensive assessment of social cohesion, conflict sensitivity, climate change, and livelihoods in Akre, KRI Iraq. The assessment revealed challenges in social cohesion, emphasized conflict-sensitive approaches, identified climate change as a pressing issue, and highlighted economic hardships. AGO plans to implement initiatives promoting social cohesion, conflict-sensitive development, climate change adaptation, and livelihood support. Collaboration with local communities and stakeholders is encouraged to address these challenges and foster prosperity and peace in Akre, KRI, Iraq.

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