TIME! to train, innovate, mobilise, and empower youth in Akre

The It is TIME! project focuses on training, innovation, mobilisation and empowerment of vulnerable young people in Akre. This project will unlock the potential of young people in Akre, a region which is sadly often neglected by organisations, making sure that every child has access to education and employment opportunities. Beneficiaries will undertake a 12-day skills training, teaching them about (1) Personal Empowerment, (2) Employability, (3) Active Citizenship, and (4) Building a Business. They will then participate in an intensive 4-day social innovation training. Young people will be given access to job fairs, internship opportunities, ILO job centre referrals, and seed funding for business plans and social initiatives.

Start in : 12/01/2023

End in : 12/10/2023

Location : Akre

Kingdom of the Netherlands and UNICEF Partners: COOPI and DoY

IRISE: Initiative for the Socio-Economic Re-Integration of Vulnerable Returnees in Shirqat, Salah al-Din

The project aimed to promote the resilience of returnees in their areas of origin. Through active collaboration with the host community, the project aims to create a series of vocational training and income-generating pathways so beneficiaries can enjoy sustainable livelihoods. Activities include vocational training for 120 beneficiaries in the villages of Eitha and Lazzagah, legal advice for 100 beneficiaries to obtain the necessary documentation to start a business, job placement support for 120 beneficiaries, incentives and support for the start-up of small local businesses, and social cohesion activities for 500 members of the host community and the returning population.

Start in : 04/01/2021

End in : 02/28/2022

Location : Eitha and Lazzagah villages, Salah Al-Din Governorate
The project was funded by Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and implemented a partnership with COOPI Cooperazione Internazionale

The project aims to empower students by educating them about the impacts of climate change and encouraging them to take proactive measures to mitigate its effects. Through initiatives like school greening, gardening skills development, and environmental education, the project fosters mindful natural resources management. Collaboration with local experts from Ministries of Education, Agriculture, and Environment ensures a coordinated and effective approach.

Start in : 11/01/2022

End in : 05/31/2023

Location : Baiji and Shirqat, Salah Al-Din Governorate
The project was funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented in partnership with Management Systems International (MSI)
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