AGO has been engaged locally in Iraq with efforts to prevent conflict and sustain peace through integrated, conflict-sensitive development programming. AGO’s work on community resilience programs and peacebuilding activities speaks directly to social cohesion. That agenda cuts across the organization’s programmes and initiatives in conflict prevention, preventing violent extremism, working with youth. AGO’s portfolio of activities in conflict prevention and management, facilitation and dialogue, and consensus-building has been focused on a strategic perspective. That is, strengthening social cohesion, defined as the extent of trust in government and within society and the willingness to participate collectively toward a shared vision of sustainable peace and common development goals. AGO initiatives to support infrastructures for peace, prevent violent extremism and support responsive, inclusive and resilient institutions all relate directly to the goal of strengthening social cohesion.Achieving this goal is a prerequisite for sustainable development and peaceful societies. Programmes and projects that seek to achieve it have become an important feature of AGO’s efforts to address the distrust and challenges of managing difference and diversity. They range from launching dialogue projects to developing local government capacities for consultation and building bridges across communities that focus on common values and common destinies. AGO’s social cohesion-related programmes and projects aim to provide a basis for conflict prevention and peacebuilding through deeper understanding, dialogue, interaction and interdependency. When societies are more cohesive and channels of dialogue, cooperation and interaction are multiple and multi-layered, efforts to promote hate and highlight differences will not succeed. Thus, building social cohesion also strengthens the resilience of states and societies so that they can change and adapt to 21st century challenges. AGO core Social cohesion intervention:
  • • Peacebuilding
  • • Preventing violence extremism (PVE/ PCVE)
  • • Capacity and resilience building